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Bikini Bae would like to feature this amazing person from Brooklyn New York. She is a trainer, blogger and vegan model. She loves to create quality content for her following. In fact, she is the only one creating fantasy makeup looks and working out in them.

She is such a unique person, you should definitely check out her instagram. (links posted below). Get to know her a little more with the short Q&A we did. 

Name: Jessi Albin
Location: Brooklyn New York

1) What kind of content do you produce?
Fitness Pilates Lifestyle Beauty & Wellness

2) Who Is your audience?
Millenial Women who are busy with work and life but still like to have fun

3) Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?
Im influenced by art and nature and music
I love Marie Forleo and she has inspired me to take consistent action.
Madonna has also had a huge influence on me since the 80s

4) How does it feel to have a large following compared to most?
I actually don't think my following is that big

5) What do you do that makes you different? What are your growth strategies?
Im the only Pilates Unicorn creating fantasy makeup looks and working out in them
I actually do not focus on growth.  I focus on creating the most quality and fun content

6) Do you travel? If so what are your favorite places to go? Where do you want to go next?
I love to travel but it hasn’t been in my budget
My favorite place is Thailand
I want to go to Spain and Italy next

7) What are your future goals?
To be fully self employed and generating all my income online this year

8) What is something about you that your followers should know. 
This was a very hard year for me.  I moved back to NYC from California and got divorced
I am 42 and rebuilding my life
Their support is what got me though it

9) What do you think about Covid-19?
It’s a terrible thing for humanity
But I believe this is natures way of saying ENOUGH
We have made the planet inhospitable for animals and they are coming out and taking back their land
I hope as the world opens back up we can do it in a way that doesn’t destroy their world
10) How often do you work on paid partnerships?
Every day!  I’m either creating or posting content or negotiating my next deal.

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