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Bikini Bae would like to introduce you to a very talented influencer. Not only does she model but she has her own reality show called "A Day With The Clintess". If you haven't already gotten to know her. We did a short Q&A for you to read.

You can support her by checking out her social media links which are posted down below.

Name: The Clintess
Location: Malta

1) What kind of content do you produce? I'm an artist so I produce music. I'm also a Vlogger with my own reality show "A Day With The Clintess" and I'm a model / influencer for various local brands.

2) Who Is your audience? I say the majority are women.

3) Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now? I am obsessed with the Kardashians. A lot say they don't have any talent but they are truly huge entrepreneurs. They were the kick start to all.

4) How does it feel to have a large following compared to most? Pressure because you always have to come up with something different and keep people entertained, especially at difficult times like these.

5) What do you do that makes you different? What are your growth strategies? I'm always evolving. Since I'm transitioning it makes it more exciting. The more you are creative and the more you think outside the box, the more you attract people.

6) Do you travel? If so what are your favorite places to go? Where do you want to go next? Yes I do love traveling. My favorite destination is Paris.

7) What are your future goals? To keep on releasing more music, keep on filming more shows and growing as an influencer of the public.

8) What is something about you that your followers should know? Like I said in question 5, I am transitioning to become a full woman.

9) What do you think about Covid-19? I think we needed it to slow down. My life was going 360 degrees with a lot of commitments. Even though we are now bound to stay home, I am still keeping active with social media. It is important not to play with this virus as it can kill us.

10) How often do you work on paid partnerships? It depends. Sometimes they give you free stuff, other times they give you money.

Social Media Links:

The Clintess
Influencer / Vlogger / Performer
00356 79259690

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