How to Safely Tan in the Sun

How to Safely Tan in the Sun
Get a natural tan this summer and avoid skin damage.


Summertime is upon us! And, while you may not get to sunbathe at the beach or swimming pool just yet, you can still tan in the sun. Just spread a beach towel out on your front lawn or in your backyard. Then, let the sun do the work while you catch up on your favorite podcast or listen to a new playlist. However you like to have fun in the sun, the best part will be getting a killer tan that you can show off in a selfie.


But before you work on getting that sun-kissed glow, it is good to refresh your memory on how to tan safely. That way you get the results you want and avoid any risks of premature aging or skin cancer.


Here are five tips to help you tan in the sun safely.

Sun Screen

  • Use the Right Sunscreen

When you buy sunscreen, make sure to get one with broad spectrum UV protection and an SPF of 30 or more. Broad spectrum sunscreen protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, so you avoid getting sunburns and wrinkles. Once you are out in the sun, apply one ounce of sunscreen to your skin every two hours. It is actually better to stop tanning after two hours, which brings us to our next tip...

Stop Watch

  • Know Your Tanning Time Limit

Your body only produces a certain amount of melanin: the pigment that makes your skin tan. After two to three hours, most people stop producing melanin, so any more time in the sun is just taking unnecessary risks. Once you have hit that two to three hour limit, take some time to cool off in the shade. You can still relax and enjoy the fresh air.

How To Sun Tan

  • Change Positions Frequently

An easy way to prevent sunburn is to change positions frequently. If it helps, set a timer and switch from lying on your back to lying on your stomach every time it goes off. Not only will it decrease the risk of sunburn, but it will also help you get an even tan that looks natural and sexy.

Clean Face

  • Do a Little Prep Work

Before going outside, take a few minutes to exfoliate your skin. To exfoliate is to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, giving your skin a smooth touch. When you remove dead skin cells before tanning, your skin is less likely to get dry or flaky.

  • Wear Your Best Bikini

Okay, this may not have to do with tanning safely, but it definitely has to do with getting that bronze coloring from head to toe. Bust out your favorite bikini so you can avoid those thick tan lines as well as skin cancer. Need a new bikini or tired of the one you have? Check out our bikini collection and give yourself a new look to go with your natural tan.

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