About us

Founded By Beach Lovers, For Beach Lovers.


Nobody loves the beach as much as we do. 

Even before we ever shipped out our first pair of bikinis, we knew there was something special to be found in a trip down to the sandy shores. There’s nothing freer than the ocean-salted air and the thrill of warm sand beneath your toes – we wanted to put that feeling into something tangible; A product to help our customers feel a sea breeze each time they step into their closet, encouraging them to live their lives with no holds barred.

So, in January of 2020, this beach-loving couple with an entrepreneurial itch decided to make that simple dream a reality. Despite juggling full-time jobs and college studies on the side, we’re committed to supplying fashionistas across the nation with swimwear that best represents their free spirit. To prove our dedication, we’ve even started dipping into making custom designs and manufacturing bikinis ourselves! It wasn’t quick, and it wasn’t easy, but with the help of YouTube tutorials and a persistent attitude, we’re confident in making Bikini Bae the premier supplier for your oceanic needs.


Since then, we’ve been dedicated to empowering our wearers with quality swimwear every time they visit the coast. While some would call our headquarters a home office, we know it’s the personal touch we place on our brand that delivers every package with care and love. In fact, we’ve made it a goal to keep our planet clean and healthy by partnering with One Tree Planted. For every bikini we sell on our site, we will plant one tree to maintain the natural beauty of our earth, and keep our beaches thriving for smart shoppers like you.

If you can’t tell, we’re thrilled to join the apparel universe – and make the world a better place in the process. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information about our brand, and why our bikinis are the perfect way to bring out your inner ocean lover.


Don’t wait any longer. The beach is calling.